My Top 5 Blushers to Wear With a Red Lip

red blusher profile

There’s nothing like a red lip, whether you go for a full on blood-red, a sheer wash of colour or the coral kind, but one thing that has always been difficult for me to get right is what type of blusher wear with it.  If you go for a very bright blusher there’ll be a major clash situation going on and if you go too light or nothing at all, you end up looking really washed out with nothing but a bold lip on show….oh the dilemma!

Everyone will have their own take on it and of course a lot will depend on the type of red you are wearing on the lips, your skin tone and overall makeup up look, but I think I’ve finally managed to find 5 blushers in my collection that I can rock a red lip with.

All of them have a range of different finishes and come at different price points so hopefully there should be something to suit all.

swatch of blushers with red lipsticks

Going clockwise, first there’s the Nars Blush in Madly at £23 (sorry this appears to be out of stock, check again later). This works with any type of red and is described as a warm seashell pink (I’m wearing this in my profile picture).  It’s buildable and although it has a shimmer, this is subtle once applied on the face.

The Japonesque Velvet Touch Blush in shade 02 at £18 is on the soft pink side.  Again, this also has a shimmer but with this one it is more noticeable if you overdo it.  I only tend to wear this with a sheer red as I don’t like the idea of too much shimmer with a very bold lip.

L’Oreal True Match Blush in Rosewood at £7.69 is the deepest of the 5 with a dark peach tone.  It leaves a pearly sheen on the skin and I prefer to use it with a very light hand and with a sheer or softer red on the lips.

Mac Powder Blush in Buff at £18 is a matte blusher and although it looks like it’s nothing to get excited about in the pan, this muted pinkish peach colour looks good with any type of red.

Lastly there’s the GOSH Natural Blusher in Rose Whisper at £5.99.  This is another matte blusher and is the lightest of the 5.  I like this one for when I am wearing a very intense or deep red on the lips as it leaves a very subtle wash of colour that you can build up if you need to.

So, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s that you want to go for a healthy, but oh so subtle looking flush when you are donning a red lip and I think these blushers deliver just that.

I also think you can use these blushers for any kind of makeup look, bold lip or not but just remember to always wipe of any excess blusher on a tissue or the back of your hand before applying it and build it up slowly….I’ve learnt the hard way!

If there are any other blushers you think go well with a red lip drop me a note in the comments below, I’d love to know.

  • I think a more subtle blush shade is pretty key to pulling off a red lip! I really love this post. The L’Oreal blush looks really really lovely, though I also like the look of the GOSH one for a more natural look.
    Ivory Avenue

    • Thanks 🙂 Completely agree about keeping it natural on the blusher side when doing a bold lip. x

  • Jessy Ferreira

    I’m like you!! Whenever I wear a red or bold lip, I wear a nude kind of blush or just a bronzer 🙂
    This was a lovely post!!

    Xoxo Jessy

  • The L’Oreal True Match one is my fave out of these, I wish I could make blush work on my face but I’m so bad at it ha!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    • It takes practise I know! Sometimes it’s about using the right tools too. x

  • Red lips and picking the right blush is always tricky. I really love your color choice!
    Nati xx

  • Ohh I love these shades, very subtle and I’d love to try some MAC blushers soon x

    • Yeah these are very subtle and add good definition as well as a healthy flush to the cheeks x

  • Gem

    Great post – you have to be careful with your blush choice when you go for a bold red lip!

    I just found your blog and am loving it so far – just started following you with bloglovin’ 🙂

    Gem x |

  • I find red lips quite scary and part of that is probably because I’m not sure how to pair up the rest of the makeup look at times. These all look like perfect blush options for a red lip, I love the shade from Japonesque x

    Beauty with charm

    • Japonesque have some amazing colours and their packaging is super cute. x

  • ooh! I want to try MACs buff! I never heard of it before. This was a very helpful post. Whenever I wear a red lip I always find myself picking up the closest blush I have.

  • The bars blush is so pretty, i am going to check out the Gosh blusher really nice colour.

    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load

  • Holly

    The gosh blush is so pretty but I can’t find it in my local superdrug 🙁 so frustrating!

    Holly x

    • I know it’s so hard to get hold of things in Superdrug sometimes. Try online, I’ve put a link on my post.

  • Your photos are absolutely beautiful – love this post!!! All the products are beautiful and a red lip is very elegant when teamed with the right make-up! 🙂

    Layla xx

  • Mademoiselle Lala

    I love this post! I usually go for a matte and muted blusher with a red lip. 🙂

  • Thank you. Mac’s Buff is a good fail safe option for any kind of lip. x

  • Great post and you’ve captured some really lovely photos. I find that having an orange blusher looks awful with a coral or red lips but these shades seem lovely. / / x

    • It’s so hard to get it right and sometimes I still get it wrong! x

  • Love your photography. The loreal blush is a pretty shade too 🙂


  • Maireem Maneje

    Must try L’Oreal blushes 🙂

  • This L’Oreal blush looks amazing! I’ll have to check it out in the shop, provided it’s there – these blushes ore always sold out!

    Best wishes,

    • Good luck, it’s annoying when you can’t get hold of something!

  • Oooh MAC Buff looks lovely! I need to check that one out. 🙂

    xo Mandy | A Girl, Obsessed

  • lovely pictures! And I know why they are your fav 🙂

    Ps: I am following you now. x

  • Z.

    I love the way you set up the products in the first photo. Great aesthetics. I don’t wear red lips too often (I’m more of a dark brown lip person), but when I do I like to do a matte blush with it.


    • Thank you. It’s always good to have some matte blushers in your collection as you don’t always want shimmer on the face. x

  • Such a lovely post, that first picture is just beautiful!

  • I love natural/nude blushes with a red lip, something like Mac melba 🙂


  • AWESOME idea for a post. And perfect picks!


  • Rosewood looks beautiful! I will have to try some of these as I don’t want to detract from the lips when I’m doing them bold 🙂 xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    • I know, sometimes it’s hard getting that balance just right. x

  • Love the look and sound of the GOSH Blusher, I haven’t tried anything from them, but would definitely love to! Great post x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

    • The GOSH blusher is good quality given the pice. I haven’t tried anything else from their range though. x

  • That’s one lovely article! I don’t wear red lips that much, but I totally think of this color match as something I would like to try..;) I like how Gosh and Nars shades look!

    Oly | TLV Birdie Blog

    • Thank you. Even if you don’t wear red lips much, these are great all-rounder blushers. x

  • Gosh blushes are so underrated, I love them! I need to have that NARS blush, it looks amazing!

  • I totally agree that choosing the right blush when wearing red lipstick is difficult! I normally reach for peach-y, bronzed shades. I love the look of the Gosh blusher! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  • Great post! I think a lot of people struggle with a blush when wearing red lips (I know I do!). I’ve never been happy with any of my blushes when wearing a red lip so will check these out. I really like the look of the Mac one! xx


    • I know what you mean, I think these ones work well you just need to be careful not to overdo it! I’ve hit pan on the Mac one, so it has been well loved! sabiha x