A Simple Eye Look

When it comes to eyeshadow there are times when I’ll push the boat out ever so slightly, but most mornings I just want something that’s quick, simple and fuss free.  After a bit of trial and error, I’ve… View Post

What’s In My Makeup Bag

A bag within a bag is alien to some but you need something to carry your essential items in and I always make sure my makeup bag is in my handbag, especially during the working week.  I can… View Post

Some Beauty Rediscoveries

Now, as someone who owns a somewhat unhealthy amount of makeup and beauty products, I do find myself in situations where things get buried so deep I manage to forget I even had them.  It’s not good, I… View Post

My Favourites From The Drugstore

Believe it or not it’s not all high-end for me, I have a ton of favourites from the drugstore and I can rarely go into Boots without purchasing something.  Saying that I still think it’s really easy to… View Post