Spring Home Decor Ideas | Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home

Spring Home Decor Ideas | Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home featuring Blogosphere magazine on bed with throw and cushion

Some Home Decor Inspiration for Spring…..   

A seasonal refresh for the home is always welcomed, especially in spring.  It cements that start of a new beginning and is a great way to banish those winter blues.  Not to mention, who doesn’t love that light, airy and fresh feel in the home?  Stylish new home decor is such a weakness of mine but it can be difficult to make those seasonal updates when 1. you are still in transition mode from winter to spring and 2. you can’t just revamp your whole house.

For me, at least, I know it’s so easy to get carried away when it comes to home decor. I’d happily buy throws in every pastel shade going with cushions to match.  However, aside from a few new purchases, I’ve managed to make use of what I already had so that I can get my home ready for the warmer days ahead.

So from soft furnishings to candles and vases galore, I’ve got some simple, but oh so stylish and beautiful home decor ideas to help get your living space spring-ready.

Spring Home Decor Ideas | Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home feat H&M Home Pink Throw


Crisp, clean sheets

I love starting a seasonal home decor update with new bedding and there’s just something about white bed linen that exudes a fresh look and of course is so very Instagram-ready.

Whilst I normally go for printed and patterned bedding, I am starting to appreciate a minimalist aesthetic.  This M&S Iris Spotted Dobby Bedding Set is the perfect compromise as the texture adds a bit of interest rather than being completely plain, yet it still fits in with that much-desired clean and crisp look.


Blankets & Throws

In the UK there’s still a chill in the air come spring, so the need for blankets and throws is always there.  Rather than the heavy and dark knits, opting for a softer colour palette in a light-weight fabric can still give a plush look and feel.

Whether it’s for your bedroom or for your sofas, I recommend something like this H&M Soft Blanket in dusky pink, which also comes in grey and light green. Alternatively, this M&S Metallic Knitted Throw will go with just about anything.  The subtle, glittered thread running through it, as well as the tassle details, adds a luxurious yet delicate finish.

Spring Home Decor Ideas | Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home feat M&S Gold Throw on bed

Cushions Galore

Cushions are such a great way to add that homely feel.  With so many textures, fabrics and patterns available, it can be tempting to go cushion crazy but no doubt that comes at a price tag.  However, for a more cost-effective way of replacing your cushions, stores like Dunelm, Zara Home and H&M Home sell some gorgeous cushion covers.

For some cushion inspiration, see some of my favourites below:

Spring Home Decor Ideas | Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home feat M&S Embroidered Bird Cushion




Intricately Embroidered

If you don’t shy away from full-on embroidery and sequins, then this stunning M&S Embroidered Bird Cushion will really add that wow factor and is great as a stand-alone piece to bring your bed or sofas alive.

The subtle olive tones make for an understated pastel hue whilst the blue adds that pop of colour.  I guess it’s almost too pretty to use…but I never said all of this was necessarily going to be functional!




Spring Home Decor Ideas | Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home feat Zara Home Floral Print Cushion Cover



Floral Prints

No spring home decor is complete without that classic floral print.  That’s why I love the Zara Home Floral Print Cushion Covers, a bargain at £9.99.

With a pastel coloured spring bouquet print, they have a whimsical feel and I adore the pops of lilac.



Spring Home Decor Ideas | Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home feat Zara Home Cushion Cover with Centrered Diamante Embellishment






The Diamanté Delight

For that extra sparkle and pizzazz, this Zara Home Diamanté Embellished Cushion Cover radiates understated luxury.

The linen base is the perfect fabric for spring and the beige, bronze and light golden tones are ideal if you are not a massive fan of the usual pastels.




Spring Home Decor Ideas | Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home feat pastel coloured candles on bed

Candles & Diffusers

Home decor and home fragrance go hand in hand and it’s no time like the better to get rid of those dark and moody scents to be replaced with something more gentle. There are so many options to choose from including white linen, lavender and rose to citrus and florals.  If it’s not the scent itself, my personal favourite is to concentrate on the actual jars and colour-ways.

Anything in those ice-cream coloured shades is so spring-esque.  These doll-like candles pictured above are from a selection at Dunelm and H&M Home – the perfect place to source a variety of candles without breaking the bank.  Diffusers are another great option and something like the La Maison De Senteurs Fragrance Diffuser available in M&S is a delicate floral fragrance of mimosa, helping to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere for your home.

But if pinks and pastels are not your thing, then the classic ivory candle never goes amiss.  I would love to have every Jo Malone and Diptyque candle going but I do find them a tad expensive for something I’m going to burn!  I therefore like picking some cheaper alternatives from TK Maxx – with a bit of patience you can actually find some great dupes.  However, for something a bit more unique, this Zara Home Raised Fern Design Cylindrical Candle looks like an ornament, let alone a candle.  I love the embossing and the colour is so on-trend.


Vases make for great space fillers and are perfect for window sills, tabletops or your mantlepiece and all the better when filled with seasonal flowers.  Something which can be easily updated is a clear glass vase filled with rose petals or flower heads.  This works perfectly with something like this one from Ikea, which I have filled with faux pink and white rose heads (pictured below).

Even tea light holders can make for great vases and I like to find other uses for them like holding my stationery and even my makeup brushes.  I always like the more vintage looking tea light holders like these white and silver ones below which are from Bentalls – perfect for that monochrome aesthetic but with an ornate feel.

Read on to find out about some more of my favourite picks when it comes to vases:

Spring Home Decor Ideas | Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home feat white tealight holders

Spring Home Decor Ideas | Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home feat Flower Vases by window sill




Faux Flowers

I would love to fill the house with fresh flowers all the time but that can be expensive and a tad messy after a while.  I actually think there are so many fantastic alternatives like these faux-flower vases from TK Maxx.

I also love the Côte Noire Perfumed Roses – an uplifting and extremely feminine rose scent literally fills the room.  These are available in a variety of colours and sizes that you’ll be wanting them all.





Spring Home Decor Ideas | Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home feat Next Set of 3 Ceramic Vases




Ceramic Vases

If you like the whole mix and match vibe then this Set of 3 Ceramic Vases from Next Home is fantastic.  My favourite has to be the olive green with flecks of gold – stunning.




Spring Home Decor Ideas | Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home feat Yellow vase & candle by window sill





A Pop of Yellow

If there’s one surefire way to freshen up your home, then it’s a pop of yellow, even if it’s a candle like this Honey Blossom Scented Candle from H&M Home.

Alternately, a yellow glass vase or this ombre Reactive Vase from Next will add that cheerful warmth and bit of sunshine into your living space.

Spring Home Decor Ideas | Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home feat Kikki K teacup & saucer & pastel coloured crockery

Tableware & Crockery

Isn’t new tableware and crockery so tempting?  If buying that 24-piece set with the matching tea-pot isn’t quite within your budget, then a few pastel plates wouldn’t hurt. You could even just buy the larger plates to use as serving dishes for cupcakes and macarons – fit for afternoon tea.

I love this pale blue Stoneware Tableware from Zara Home – the raised design rim is very tea party ready.  In keeping with the pastel theme, Ikea also have an affordable range including this light pink Dinera Plate, or this lilac ARV Plate.

Spring Home Decor Ideas | Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home feat Kikki K Porcelain Cup & Saucer- Your Story



The Teacup & Saucer for One

Lastly, what better way to treat yourself than with this cute Porcelain Cup & Saucer from Kikki.K.

Cute and girly, this is a great way to add a few additions to your crockery and the baby pink saucer is perfect for placing a cheeky macaron or two!





Spring Home Decor Ideas | Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home featuring Blogosphere magazine on bed glasses and teacup_

So there it is.  With just a few updates and opting for a softer colour palette and lighter fabrics, your home can be ready for spring in no time.  I hope you enjoyed this post and would love to know if there are any favourites you’ve spotted….what have you got your eye on?  Pop me a note in the comments below. x











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  • Sometimes just the smallest of changes can make the biggest differences. I always find a pretty or simple throw just brings that homely feel x

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    • Yes, completely agree. The intricacy is what draws me to anything with embroidery x

  • Yiotou_La

    Spring is my fave season to change decoration. I start with colourful cushion covers, I have yellow and some palm leaf print pillow covers that I bought last year. I also love fresh flowers, they are a lovely addition to the living room (and smell amazing)!


    • That sounds perfect. Those pillow covers must look so lovely x

  • This post really inspired me to re-do my bedroom! You have such beautiful pieces and perfect tips! I’m loving your blog!

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    Samantha x

  • I absolutely love home accessories! I’m always mooching around Dunelm, Next or TK Maxx. Even Asda has some lovely things.

    Toni | sheergloss

    • Me too, and I love that you can get stunning items from the high street or like you said, the local supermarket!

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    Jenny // Geeky Posh

    • It’s such a great colour palette and hard to resist all year round x

  • So many gorgeous things. I definitely need some new cushions but I don’t think any fancy ones would survive around my girls haha! xx

  • Thanks so much. I agree, vases and candles and instant character and are great space fillers too x

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    You have such impeccable taste! I’ll have to pop into my local M&S and pay more attention to their cushions! x

  • Yes to new beddings, cushions and candles! They are the easiest ways to welcome the change in season. xx

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  • Flowers are so uplifting x

  • I love crisp white sheets and floral scents for spring – always makes my apartment feel brighter!


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  • Zoë Ware

    I always love getting new bedding & cushions! Spring doesn’t really exist here in Canada so it is still freezing come Spring, till it suddenly warms up overnight come Summer! I always have blankets & throws on my bed! Love this! xx


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