My Luxe Lipstick Collection

There’s something to be said about beautiful packaging.  I know it’s what’s inside that counts and all that, but I can’t help myself, especially when it comes to lipsticks.  No doubt the high-end variety offer some very unique… View Post

Exfoliators I’m Loving

I do love a good exfoliator.  It’s probably the best part of my skincare routine.  I always used to think that if it doesn’t feel rough on the skin, then it’s not going to work, but I’ve discovered a… View Post

I’ve Got it Covered with Concealers

You’ve always got to have a good concealer to hand.  Whether it’s to disguise those dark circles or to camouflage unruly blemishes and marks on the skin, a concealer completes your look.  It shouldn’t replace the need to… View Post