The Red Lip Crayon Edit

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You all know how much I love a red lip and even better when it’s in the form of a lip crayon.  They are just easier to work with, don’t you think?  I have three particular favourites that… View Post

Some Long Awaited Purchases

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As much as I love hoarding makeup, when it comes to the luxury brands it’s always quality over quantity that takes precedent, that and of course the price tag makes you think twice before splurging.  I also find… View Post

A New Eyeshadow Combo

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Ever get that time when you buy makeup and decide it’s not for you, but then some time later you find a way of making it work?  Well I get that all the time and that’s why I… View Post

My Top 5 Nude Nail Varnishes

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When it comes to nude nail varnishes I go through phases.  Normally it’s all about the reds but every so often I want understated chic.  It’s also a lot easier to go for a nude nail varnish as… View Post