My Recent Empties

I’ve always been in awe of all those “empties” that everyone knocks out.  I’ve been blogging for two years now and this is my first!  It’s a mixture of forgetting to actually keep the empty bottles and jars,… View Post

Some Autumnal Favourites

Profile picture featuring mg, blanket scarf, eyeshadows, nail varnish and books
I’ve always loved autumn. It gives me a feeling of warmth and coziness, not to mention the TV shows I love make a return, I can dig out my jumpers and scarves, curl up on the sofa with… View Post

Blushers That Make You Pop

Hourglass, Laura Mercier & Nars Blushers
Even though it’s autumn and everyone likes those dark and sultry shades, I find it’s the time of the year when I need to “fake” that healthy look even more.  In the summer, the sun just automatically does… View Post