Unique Watches: The Perfect Accessory For Valentine’s Day

JORD Frankie Series Zebrawood & Navy Wooden Watch styled with red lace scarf, black shoes and beauty items

Oh the love for unique watches…

I suppose I need any excuse but if there is one accessory I love the most, then it’s watches.  But not just any watches, unique watches to be precise.  My tastes admittedly vary from bracelet watches to those that have a masculine type feel to them, which on my dainty wrists provides a nice contrast.  I adore wearing a watch and feel quite bare without it.  I’m even one of those people that has quite a few and different colours are all the better.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I’m sure many people are thinking about what to gift their loved ones.  Of course it doesn’t just have to be a partner, it could be your parents, a friend, your kids or maybe you just want to treat yourself.  If you are anything like me, then treating yourself happens nearly everyday and calls for no specific occasion!  Sourcing unique watches can be a difficult task though but luckily JORD Watches has me covered.

JORD Frankie Series Zebrawood & Navy Watch in wooden packaging.

JORD are the creators of authentic and all-natural wooden watches and they focus on creating timepieces that are modelled after a modern lifestyle. I am so grateful to be a part of their Valentine’s Day campaign, especially when watches are my perfect accessory.

I went for the JORD Frankie Series in Zebrawood & Navy *, the minimalistic design appealing to me.  But it was no easy task choosing since there were many close contenders so I thought I would share some of the factors that I consider when choosing a watch.  Whether you are looking for yourself or for someone else, hopefully this will help you find that perfect accessory too.

Unique watches for unique style

I like to think I have a unique style.  Sure, I may shop where everyone else largely shops and gravitate towards a certain colour palette, but how you dress is personal and good accessorising always completes an outfit.  A watch does that perfectly and above all it needs to fit in with my style, the mood or the occasion.  This JORD Frankie Series watch is perfect because it’s versatile and has a universal appeal.

Of course wooden watches are all the more unique and what I love about the JORD range is that there is something for everyone with an array of sizes, colours and designs available.

JORD Frankie Series Zebrawood & Navy Wooden Watch styled with red lace scarf, black shoes and beauty items

Does it match my wardrobe?

Even when I don’t intend to I end up matching things.  I think it’s just in my nature.  That’s why when I’m choosing a watch, I think about what I already have in my wardrobe and ask that question to myself, “does it go with what I have?”  What I like about wooden watches is that they pair so nicely with black.  But not only that, wooden watches are neutral enough to go with any colour in my wardrobe.  Do you notice how this watch looks stunning with red?

The navy face on this  JORD Frankie Series watch adds a lovely bit of contrast, complimenting the simplistic design and I’m certainly not stuck with what to pair this with.

The size

I have very small wrists and some watches are just too big for me.  A good fitting watch is therefore something I always look out for.  Luckily JORD offers custom sizing so I could get the perfect fit.  Likewise, there is the ability to order additional links or parts should I need it in the future.

As well as the size of the strap, the size of the face is just as important.  I like experimenting here and it really just depends.  This watch has a large face but this compliments the minimalist design making it appeal to both men and women.

The finer details 

Now those who know me know that I love great packaging and there is nothing like a beautifully packaged watch.  It makes it all the more enjoyable to own and what an amazing gift to open for someone.  JORD Watches are no exception and come exquisitely packaged in a wooden box with a little draw concealed underneath.  Also included is a finishing oil to help preserve the wood as well as a JORD engraved polishing cloth.  Very impressive I have to say.

Lastly, if you are looking for that personal touch you can select to have your watch engraved.  This is especially ideal when gifting to someone – that attention to detail and quality all the more important.

JORD Frankie Series Zebrawood & Navy Watch in wooden packaging with scattered jewellery and perfume, scarf and shoes

In case you didn’t guess, it’s all about the finer details for me.  That and I love a good watch!

If like me you love unique watches, then in collaboration with JORD Watches, you can have the chance to win a $100 gift code to use on the JORD site.  The contest ends on 25th February 2018 and everyone who enters will also receive a 10% consolation code which is valid until 11th March 2018.    Just click here to enter.  Good luck!

Luxury Wooden Watch