Un-Boxing My Little Box: August

If you’ve been subscribing to a beauty box then one of two things is most likely – you absolutely love it and can’t bear to lose the subscription, or you’ve forgotten about it completely and when the box arrives every month, you remind yourself you need to cancel but then never do because you realise that you absolutely love it!

So that’s pretty much my relationship with My Little Box.  I’ve subscribed to this for over two years and whilst I should probably cancel and just try something different, I am in awe of these cute and girly boxes which contain not only beauty items, but lifestyle pieces too.  In my first ever box I got a really nice laptop cover which I love.  So can you see why I keep this one going??

I’m conscious I’ve never shared an un-boxing session with you so as something different I thought I’d do a post on my August Wild Summer Box.  First of all, each box always has a theme going on with beautiful designs and illustrations and everything is packaged so beautifully…ribbons and all.  The theme for this month is wax prints – colourful African prints used for clothing and the contents of this box include:

A sample of the bareMinerals Skin Longevity Vital Power Infusion which promises all the usual things you would expect – a healthy and luminous complexion, anti-ageing properties, hydration and an even skin tone. I haven’t been using this for too long to give a final verdict but first impressions are that this gives me a relaxed and refreshed look when I wake up in the morning, so not bad!

My Little Beauty Sorbet D’Ete.  This is a cooling body cream ideal to use after sun exposure.  I love the smell of this too – just like sweets, but I’ve received this before so perhaps a giveaway is in order.

My Little Beauty Blush Me Tender which is a cream to powder blush in a nice peachy pink.  Again I’ve had this before but it’s a cute little product nonetheless.

A gem catcher.  Adore this.  I love how you can get some really unique pieces in this box plus this gem catcher makes for a great photo prop too.

A Nana Benz necklace.  Although not my usual style I think I can find a way to style this.  Perhaps with a white top it would look pretty.

As well as the above there’s a quote card / print with “Good Vibrations” on it.  I love these prints as again they make for good props and backdrops for my photos.  I also received a card which opens up to give information on what each of the wax print designs mean and I think a bit of history and context to it all is a nice personal touch.

Just for the gem catcher and the bareMinerals Skin Longevity Vital Power Infusion alone, I was pretty happy with this month’s box but some different beauty items would have been better.  I suppose the only drawback is that having been subscribing to this for over two years, repeat beauty items are a bit of a feature now.  Why I haven’t done a giveaway for some of these things I’m not sure.

So which are your favourite beauty box subscriptions?  x


  • i’ve always been “attracted” by subscription boxes.but, unfortunately, it is not possible to get in my country the boxes i like the most 🙁 so i’ve never subscribed any.
    this one looks pretty cool to me. i like the nacklace and the gem catcher too. it is definitely a box i would like to subcribe if i could to.
    x sandra | thebreezybees.altervista.org

    • I do like this box but from money point of view and all the products I buy, I probably don’t really need it!

  • I’m not subscribing (is it like that) anything at the moment, but I have been thinking about getting one. I just need to find one with decent shipping to Finland! This looks pretty good, need to check other months too, if I would like it. I love the gem cacher, what a fun idea!

    Heidi ✨ | Heidi’s Planner | Instagram

  • Talina

    I haven’t heard of this subscription box till now but it looks amazing! I’ll definitely have to look more into it. Love this post! xo


  • Yes it does get repetitive and as much as I love this box I may cancel for a little while x

  • It is a unique box for sure x

  • I know, it’s so pretty x

  • I know what you mean!!

  • I like how there’s a mixture of products in there, rather than just beauty! I couldn’t see myself subscribing to any boxes though! xx


  • Yiotou_La

    The necklace is so cute and the gem catcher will make an excellent prop for blog photos!! x