A Space NK Haul

Rarely do I go into a Space NK store and walk out empty-handed.  It’s the perfect beauty boutique housing carefully sourced haircare, skincare and beauty brands that you don’t ordinarily find elsewhere – in fact it’s where I’ve made many brand discoveries over the years – Oskia, Nars, Hourglass, Diptyque and Cane & Austin are just a few of my brand loves which I found in Space NK.  Having some Space NK finds to report back should be a regular thing for me but something I haven’t done in a while so here’s a round-up and mini review of some of my recent purchases

Something I have wanted to try for ages is the Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist.  This facial mist can be used throughout the day as a pick me up or as a post cleanse toner and is infused with orange blossom and rose and sage waters which tone and purify the skin whilst apple pectin restores hydration.   To call this luxurious would be an understatement since the formula is based on a 14th Century recipe for the Queen of Hungary – hence the name of course and how cool is that?!

What I love about this facial spray is that the mist is so fine and it settles very gently on to the skin.  Luckily this does not interfere with my makeup and leaves a beautiful and natural lit from within glow.  It’s the perfect companion in summer and I’m definitely gonna be going spray happy with this.  This comes in at £48 but there is also a travel size available for £15 which is a bit more affordable and a great way to test it out which you can buy here.

Next up is the Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection Anti-Glycation Primer.  Ok, so warning here, at £78 this is not for the faint hearted and it certainly took me several visits to the store before I finally caved in and bought this.  What sold it for me was that it has SPF 45 plus it doubles up as a primer and skin care item too.  This product is oil-free and vegan friendly and key ingredients are Carnosine which helps to smooth, tone and firm the skin whilst Cherry Blossom, Lemon Balm and White Tea Extract soothe and act as anti-oxidants.  The question is, how does it fare……?

This has a gloopy milky type texture and I always have to make sure I shake well before each application as it does separate.  Although oil-free, it feels greasy at first and dries to a satin rather than matte finish.  I can imagine if you have very dry skin this would be perfect but for me I could do with a slightly more matte finish.

That said, it leaves a nice healthy glow and does not interfere with my makeup application but if I wanted to know that my makeup was going to last all day, I would use another primer.   As a sunscreen it does the job and the high SPF gives me the comfort of being protected.  Overall, for the price it hasn’t lived up to my expectations but I can see why some people may love this product as the finish it leaves on the skin really is beautiful and healthy looking.

Next up is the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Mosituriser.  I’m not actually a tinted moisturiser person however I felt an urge to try something lighter for those “no makeup, makeup days” so I thought I would give this a whirl.  I bought the colour St Moritz which is a tad darker than my skin tone but because this is a light base I can get away with it – if anything it makes me look healthier.  With an SPF of 30 I don’t need to wear a separate sunscreen underneath so it’s a great one to take on holiday too.

For a tinted moisturiser this actually has very good coverage and it definitely leaves a radiant glow but since I still prefer to add a bit of concealer on top and matte it down with powder, I find I could just as well use my favourite foundation but less of it.   Also, at £30 it’s about the same price as my favourite Nars Sheer Glow, which in my opinion leaves a better finish with natural medium coverage, although granted it does not have SPF.  If you are into tinted moisturisers though I think this is a good one to check out, it’s just not generally a base I tend to go for.

Lastly is the By Terry Stylo Blackstar in Bronze Green.  I’ve mentioned my love for the By Terry Ombre Blackstar before, see my post on this here, and this a similar eye shadow stick but with its pointy nib this is better as an eyeliner as well as shading and contouring the eyes.  This product comes with its own set of unique colours and I settled on Bronze Green…just look at the swatch below, need I say anymore?  The formula is waterproof and is very creamy so its great for that smoky look too plus there’s a subtle shimmer running through it which I adore.

So have you tried any of these before?  What’s your favorite from Space NK?  I’d love to know. x

From top to bottom, Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser in St Moritz, Chantecaille Anti Glycation Primer & By Terry Stylo Blackstar in Bronze Green

  • iheartcosmetics

    I don’t know what it is with space nk but I love going into the shop but not really their website? Shame about the Nars tm, I don’t use it myself but know quite a few people who love it. Good to know though so I can avoid it now just in case! x

    Sarah from Iheartcosmetics xoxo

    • I know what you mean, it is the kind of place where you need to have a good browse around x

  • Nars do some good bases x

  • It’s a shame you weren’t so into the Nars Tinted moisturiser – it’s one of my favourite everyday bases (I’ve got through 2 tubes of the stuff!) I’m loving the Queen of Hungary mist at the moment

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    • I think it might be because the colour is a tad dark on me but it’s too expensive for me to go back and buy the right colour only to then not use it that much because i still prefer my Sheer Glow!

  • Love your honest reviews here and I’ll probably stay away from the Chantecaille primer as it really doesn’t sound worth the heft price tag. I’m not too sure on the NARS tinted moisturiser either as like you on I’m not really into things in medium coverage as I don’t know when I’d use them!

    The Makeup Directory

    • Yeah, they weren’t quite my fav purchases- not bad either but then that isn’t good enough given how expensive they are x

  • That Omorovicza mist is pricey enough to make me flinch so I don’t think I will ever try Chantecaille, ever. I might pick up the mist the next time Cult Beauty has a good GWP or sale, it’s so much pricier to buy through Sephora.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    • Chantecaille I agree is mega pricey but carefully bought they do some fab products x

  • Lovely haul. I really enjoy the QoH mist but the price always makes me wince. The Chantecaille primer sounds absolutely amazing. I love when makeup is packed with decent skincare properties xxx

    • At least if it’s a bit pricey but packed with skincare benefits then it makes you feel better about making the purchase though! x

  • Kate

    That facial mist sounds absolutely beautiful! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  • The Chantecaille primer packaging is insane!! So summery!! I use the bare Minerals BBCC cream most of the times, I can’t be bother to use much makeup in summer.

    Caterina | caterinasosso.com

    • I know in the summer you don’t feel like wearing too much makeup x

  • Yiotou_La

    The Nars tinted moisturiser looks like something I need, I have been wearing only tinted spf or bb cream since June, the weather is too hot to add more products to my skin.


    • I know what you mean, too much makeup feels uncomfortable in the heat x

  • I really thought I was going to HAVE to go and buy the Chantecaille primer from you initial thought, as I really struggle to find a suncream that doesn’t irritate my face, but I too prefer a more matte finish, especially when it’s hot out! Such a shame but I guess the quest continues!
    Tara xo

    • Yeah i don’t find it matte myself. If you are looking for a good sunscreen for the face Cane & Austin do a fab one – iI did a review of it on my blog a while ago, def worth checking out x

  • I love Space NK, I could spend all of my money on that website!

    Danielle xx

  • Maiya Newey

    I haven’t shopped at Space NK for ages! You’ve made me want to pay them a visit! x

    Maiya | http://www.maiyabellexo.co.uk

  • Ouuhhh so many luxurious products! I’ve been eyeing the Queen of Hungary Mist but it really is outside of my price range. So glad that it worked for you!
    Ivory Avenue

    • It is expensive but there’s a travel size available too plus it lasts a pretty long time x